Let Us Help You Affordably Help Yourself With Your US Family or Marriage Green Card Immigration Petition! Flat $295 Attorney Fee.

With over 25 years of helping spouses and families in US immigration matters, we recognize how expensive immigration attorney fees have become for an immigration attorney to completely handle a US family or marriage green card petition. Coupled with dramatic increases in USCIS immigration filing fees over the years, it is becoming extremely difficult for families to afford a US attorney when filing a family member or marriage green card immigration petition package. While USCIS instructions have gotten much better, there are still many confusing rules and form requirements. When petitioners are forced by financial constraints to prepare and file forms themselves without any attorney assistance, the likelihood of inadvertent mistakes increases substantially, which can cause lengthy delays, or worse, a denial of the immigration petition.

Our US Family / Marriage Green Card Immigration Do It Yourself Service – A Flat $295 Attorney Fee

While there can definitely be a benefit to having an immigration attorney handle your entire green card process from start to finish when you can afford that, especially in complex cases, we recognize that is not always financially feasible for a client. So for a client facing reasonable financial constraints, we still want those individuals to have access to legal help in preparing their US family immigration package, to minimize common mistakes that lead to lengthy delays or immigration petition denials. Thus, for individuals who cannot afford an attorney to assist them completely with the process, we offer a “do it yourself” family and marriage green card immigration service for a flat attorney fee of $295.00.

What We Offer Under Our Do It Yourself Family or Marriage Green Card Immigration Service

With our Do It Yourself family or marriage green card immigration service, we offer the following assistance for the flat attorney fee of $295.00:

  • An initial consultation of 30 minutes with attorney Richard Ruth to discuss the basic family or marriage green card immigration process with you, including financial sponsorship as applicable, and to ensure that you are aware of what specific forms you need to prepare for your specific family or marriage green card immigration matter. Note that all forms and instructions are available on the official USCIS website, and we can provide you links via e-mail to those forms and instructions on the USCIS website. You should NEVER purchase forms from a third party.
  • After you have prepared the forms and gathered up the necessary documentation, we provide a second 30 minute consultation with attorney Richard Ruth¬† to review your forms and documentation package (which you send to us via e-mail), and then we advise you if we have noticed any obvious omissions and mistakes with the forms and documentation.
  • We also provide you with a sample cover letter to the USCIS for you to edit for your own use when submitting your immigration petition forms and documentation to the USCIS for filing. We also provide you with the correct filing address for your package, along with reminding you of the correct filing fee.
  • During that second 30 minute consultation you are also free to ask attorney Richard Ruth any questions you have about the next steps in the process and estimated time frames.

How To Request Our US Family Immigration Do It Yourself Service

If you need legal assistance with your US family or marriage green card immigration petition, but wish to handle the process yourself as much as possible due to financial constraints, please e-mail us to start the retainer process for our do it yourself family or green card immigration service. We will e-mail you a retainer agreement and e-invoice for the attorney fee payment, and then schedule the initial telephone consultation with you to start the process. Its that easy!

Don’t risk making costly mistakes without the benefit of legal counsel because you think you cannot afford an attorney. With our affordable “do it yourself” service, you CAN afford legal help and peace of mind with your family or marriage green card immigration petition process! Contact us today!