US Naturalization Services and Information

US Naturalization ServicesGainesville Florida immigration attorney Richard Ruth provides US naturalization services to permanent residents wishing to complete their dream of becoming US citizens. For a consultation fee of $40 per 20 minutes, I can answer your specific US naturalization and citizenship questions. For international clients, I offer consults and services via e-mail, video conferencing and telephonically. For clients close to Gainesville Florida in person consultations are another option. For naturalization cases, our flat attorney fee is $795 in most cases, plus USCIS filing fees, consular visa fees, and costs. Interview attendance is billed separately if desired.

Overview of US Naturalization Process

After achieving permanent residency it is a dream of many US green card holders to obtain United States Citizenship. The process of obtaining US citizenship usually entails the filing of an N-400 Application with the USCIS. However, eligibility requirements can vary depending upon how permanent residency was obtained. For marriage-based green card holders who are still married to the original petitioner, naturalization can be obtained in many cases in 3 years. For most other green card holders, the minimum waiting time is 5 years after obtaining permanent residency. Other eligibility requirements apply, including continuous residency in the US without substantial interruption, physical presence requirements inside the US during the look back period, and good moral character requirements. US citizenship applicants are also usually required to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the English language, and US civics and history.

While for many permanent residents, the US naturalization process will go smoothly and easily, if there are any criminal issues present, long term absences from the United States, or any other potential disqualifying factor, it is highly recommended that a client secure legal representation for the naturalization process.

To set up an initial consultation to discuss any questions you have about your possible US naturalization and citizenship case or our US Naturalization services, please e-mail us today and attorney Richard Ruth will be happy to speak to you!