My immigration law practice was based upon a deep desire to truly help people in a constructive and positive way. So much of law deals with “negatives”. Injuries. Crimes. Job loss. Family suing family. I wanted to be a positive force in people’s lives, and immigration law was that route. I’m proud of the long term friendships and relationships I have built with many of my individual, family and business clients over the years, as we have partnered together to help them achieve goals and dreams. In several cases, For over 25 years in practice, I have now helped multiple generations of family clients. My terrific relationships with my clients is my most treasured aspect of my immigration law practice.  Ruth Immigration Law client service principles are based on important tenets that are “true to me”, and that I have found helps develop the best client relationships and generates the best results:


The most common complaint of a client about lawyers is responsiveness. “My lawyer does not answer my e-mails or return my calls”. “I can never get ahold of my lawyer”. Not only is lack of communication with a client bad for the client, its also simply a bad business practice for a lawyer. I want my clients to be at ease. The immigration process is frustrating enough, without adding an unresponsive lawyer to the mix. My clients have my cell phone number. They have my direct e-mail. When you have questions, you get “me”. Not a paralegal running interference for me. Not multiples layers of “staff”. Not a “case manager”. I’m your lawyer, and you should have access to me. I do my best to respond to e-mails and phone calls within 24 hours, and most often within the same day. When a client knows their attorney responds timely to their e-mails and phone calls, it’s good for the client’s case. And its good for my practice. When you retain me, you get me.

Flat Fee Billing Wherever Possible

Predictability and transparency. A client is more inclined to use an attorney when they know up front what it is going to cost them, and when they feel comfortable there will be no “expensive” surprises. Wherever possible, we charge flat attorney fees for our immigration services, so that clients have billing certainty. Our attorney fees for most matters are published right here on our website. I do not believe in “hiding the ball.” At our initial consultation, we will review your situation, and I will confirm a fee, which in the vast bulk of cases, is the attorney fee listed on our website for your type of matter. If the fee will not be what I list on my website, I will tell you exactly why, and what the billing arrangement will be. Experienced attorneys know with reasonable predictability what effort will be expended on a client’s case that fits routine parameters. I convert that experience into transparency for my clients with quoted flat attorney fees wherever possible.

Playing to Win, Versus Playing Not To Lose

Some immigration lawyers market “100% approval rates”! Not only is such advertising illegal and unethical for a Florida-based attorney, but it is unrealistic and misleading, and highlights that a lawyer is more interested in his or her “record”, than in trying to achieve a goal for a client. Not all cases are easy. Some cases, especially in the employment realm, can be a challenge. They may fit in a “gray area” of immigration law. They may rely on novel arguments. I embrace challenging cases. I let my best efforts for my clients speak to my reputation. Easy cases generate 100% approval rates. But what would you rather have? A lawyer protecting his record? Or a lawyer that is going to do his best to try and accomplish a dream for you, even if it may be a hard and uncertain road?


A very important part of my job as your lawyer, is providing you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your case. Sometimes that information is not always pleasant, and not always what you want to hear. If there are issues with your case, you can be sure I will give you all the information and input on your case that I can offer. I don’t just puff sunshine to get a retainer, and then gloss over bad news later to keep the business. I make sure my clients are well informed from the start, because a well informed client, is a client that can make the best and most informed decisions.

Reasonable Attorney Fees, Not Maximum Profitability

Many of our family and employer clients have suffered in the current economy. As USCIS filing fees and daily living expenses increase, their budgets go down. As a self-employed father of 6 children, trust me, I understand the value of a hard earned dollar in the family budget. My attorney fees are based on my years of experience of what it takes to diligently and properly prepare and submit an immigration case for a client, and which yields to me a necessary fee for my effort that provides for my family. To keep fees reasonable, we don’t have offices in fancy skyscrapers in the world’s most expensive cities. We maintain reasonable office space, reasonable overhead, and utilize technology wherever possible to keep office expense reduced. This administrative savings to us, is passed on to you. Expensive lawyers would love for you to believe that very high fees equal unparalleled results. I want you to believe fancy plants in a Manhattan office contribute nothing to the advocacy of your case. Talk to me. Test my knowledge. Then make your evaluation of my promise that high quality representation is indeed possible with reasonable and affordable attorney fees.

Let’s Talk

The Florida Bar, as is the case with most state Bar Associations, have a very important disclaimer that must be communicated to the public. And that disclaimer advises a potential client that decisions to retain a lawyer should not be based on advertising alone. I agree! While my website, or any lawyer’s advertising or website, help give you an initial “feel” for a lawyer, there is no substitute for discussing your case with a lawyer personally, in an initial consultation and testing their knowledge an experience. I always strive to help people and employers with immigration matters. But I want my clients to be comfortable with me and my skills and expertise, so they can trust me. And that only comes from an initial consultation. So e-mail me to set up that initial consultation, and let’s talk about how I can best help you with your US immigration questions or matter!