US Family Green Card Immigration Services and Information

US Family Green Card Immigration ServicesGainesville Florida Immigration Attorney Richard Ruth provides full US Family Green Card Immigration Services for parents, children and in some cases brothers and sisters. For a consultation fee of $40 per 20 minutes, I can answer your specific US family-based green card petition and visa questions. For international clients, I offer consults and services via e-mail, video conferencing and telephonically. For clients close to Gainesville Florida in person consultations are another option. For US family green card immigration services and related consular processing followup where applicable, our flat attorney fee is usually $1,500.00, plus USCIS/DOS filing fees and costs.

Overview of Family Green Card Process

When a person immigrates to the United States, it is a monumental moment in that person’s life. So often that person wants to share a life in the United States with other family members, such as children, parents, and brothers and sisters. While spousal petitions are covered separately on this website, this information covers other types of family-based green cards.

The USCIS and Department of State treats different types of family members under different types of categories. In some cases, such as US citizens petitioning for immediate relatives (parents, children under 21, spouses), there are no visa backlogs, and immigration can be relatively immediate upon filing and approval of a family immigration petition. In other cases, termed preference categories, visas are backlogged, and a considerable wait may be a reality. Such cases often include petitions for brothers and sisters, and adult children over 21 years of age.

If immediate relatives are in the United States, sometimes an adjustment of status package can be submitted with an I-130 immediate relative petition. In other cases, an I-130 Petition is submitted, and then consular processing occurs when a visa becomes available (or in the case of immediate relative petitions for family members outside the United States, immediately upon USCIS approval of the I-130 Petition).

I can help you determine the correct process to bring your family members to the United States, and explain the time frame as to when your family members can expect to come to the United States.

How Can Attorney Representation Help With My Case?

For 25 years I have represented and counseled numerous clients throughout the United States and internationally on US family green card processes. While the USCIS and consulates permit you to represent yourself and prepare and file your papers, it is my firm belief that an attorney in the process can be a great resource to a families seeking to be reunited with each other as quickly as possible, without undue stress in navigating the complex United States immigration processes.

The family green card process can be complicated, as the USCIS has strict eligibility and documentary requirements for the process. Given that some family green card petitions have substantial waiting periods, any mistakes or misunderstandings in your process if you “go it alone”, can have devastating effects years from now on your family member’s ability to enter the United States. Furthermore, the family-based green card process incorporates not only the USCIS petition process, but also in some cases the consulate visa application process. Thus, having the assistance of a qualified attorney can greatly aid the success of the petition process, and provide “peace of mind” for a family.

To set up an initial consultation to discuss any questions you have about your family based green card situation or intentions or our US Family Green Card Immigration services please e-mail us today and attorney Richard Ruth will be happy to speak to you!