Non-Immigrant USCIS and Visa ServicesFor many immigrants to the United States, their first step to an eventual green card or citizenship journey begins with a non-immigrant visa or USCIS application. Many eventual US green card holders and citizens first came to the US as students, exchange visitors, treaty investors, H1B workers or even tourists for business and pleasure. Some of our longest served clients were first beneficiaries of our firm’s non-immigrant USCIS and visa services. Often the path to a permanent stay in the US is a series of steps as part of a broader immigration plan and non-immigrant statuses are an integral part of many plans. We are very proud to have helped so many clients obtain a foothold in the United States that blossomed into green cards and citizenship.

Immigration attorney Richard Ruth in Gainesville Florida provides non-immigrant USCIS and visa services to individual clients and employer clients both locally and throughout the world. Our immigration services related to non-immigrant USCIS petitions and visas include advice and assistance with visitor visas, student visas, H1B visas, L-1A executive or manager intra-transferee visas, and many other types of specialty non-immigrant visas. We also assist with USCIS petitions for many non-immigrant worker classifications and assist with change of status and extension of status petitions for many non-immigrant classifications. To learn more about the most common types of US non-immigrant visas, visit our discussion pages on this website underneath the Non-Immigrant Visas tab above. For other non-immigrant visa types, we are happy to assist you with those immigration issues as well.

To set up an initial consultation to discuss any questions you have about your US immigration matter or need for US non-immigrant USCIS and visa services please contact us today and attorney Richard Ruth will be more than happy to speak with you about how he can help you!