Scheduling An Initial Consultation

We offer new and prospective immigration clients initial consultations at a flat fee of $40 USD per 20 minutes. A client derives valuable information about their United States immigration law matter during this consultation, including getting questions answered, and thus, with this initial consultation fee the firm receives nominal compensation for the time spent providing valuable answers to a client's questions.

If we are retained for further proceedings, such as the filing of an immigration petition or application for the client, then the initial consultation fee is credited towards the retainer fee for that matter.

signRecognizing that our clients are based not only in the United States, but often times throughout the world, we offer consultations through a variety of means upon appointment. For those clients in Central and North Florida, or located near Oslo, Norway or Prague, Czech Republic, we offer in-person consultations upon appointment (note that in Oslo and Prague, availability for in person consultations may be more limited, depending upon my travel schedule). For prospective immigration clients located in the United States or internationally, we also offer consultations via telephone, e-mail exchange, or Skype conferencing or messaging.  

To schedule an initial consultation to discuss your immigration matter you may either telephone us or e-mail us, using the contact information on this website.

Instructions for Skype Consultations

While we offer consultations via telephone, e-mail or in person, many of our clients are on Skype. To schedule an online Skype instant messenger consultation to answer your US immigration questions, please follow the easy procedure below: 

    1. Contact us either via e-mail or telephonically with your request for an online immigration consult, and your general time and days of availability during the week, and a brief description of the questions you have, so we can be prepared during our consult with helpful information for you.
  • If you contact us by phone, we will obtain your credit card information over the phone to cover the initial consult charge. If by e-mail, we will e-mail you back an E-INVOICE for an initial $40.00 online consultation fee via Paypal (you can pay the Paypal invoice in your home country currency via check or major credit card), and will send you an e-mail with a DATE AND TIME for your consult on Skype messenger. If the consult lasts longer than 20 minutes, then we will follow up after the consultation with another invoice for the balance owed, and will discuss this at the end of the initial consult.
  • At the designated date and time of your scheduled consult, please initiate a Skype instant messenger conversation with RichardRuthLaw (our Skype User handle). You can also find us on Skype via our e-mail [email protected]