US K-1 Fiance Visa Services and Information

US K-1 Fiance Visa ServicesGainesville Florida Immigration Attorney Richard Ruth provides US K-1 Fiance Visa Services to engaged clients through out the United States and world. For a consultation fee of $40 per 20 minutes, I can answer your specific US fiancé visa petition and visa questions. For international clients, I offer consults and services via e-mail, video conferencing and telephonically. For clients close to Gainesville Florida, in person consultations are another option. For fiancé visa services and related consular processing follow up where applicable, our flat attorney fee is usually $1,500.00, plus USCIS/DOS filing fees and costs.

Overview of K-1 Fiance Visa Process

Many US citizens find love with a foreign national through social networking sites, work, study, or many other ways, and wish to get married to the man or woman of their dreams. Yet unless the foreign national is already in the United States in legitimate ways, if you wish to marry a foreign national fiance in the United States, it is usually first necessary to secure a fiance visa to bring your fiance into the United States legally and properly. If your fiance is already inside the United States, other considerations, such as future travel, non-immigrant intent issues, and the like may come into play.

For an I-129F fiance visa petition to be approved, among other requirements, the USCIS usually requires that the parties have met personally within the preceding 2 years before the filing of the I-129F Petition. The USCIS will also want to see evidence of a bona fide relationship and proof of meeting, such as joint photographs, travel documentation, phone and e-mail records, and similar evidence. At the consulate level of processing, certain income requirements need to be met. If a petitioner has ever been charged with domestic violence or a similar crime, or has utilized the services of an “international marriage service”, or has filed fiance visa petitions in the past, special explanations and information must be given to the USCIS.

Upon approval of an I-129F Petition, processing shifts to the consulate, and an interview will be scheduled for your foreign fiancé. At this interview, certain documentation will need to be submitted. Upon issuance of the visa, your fiancé will usually have a certain period of time to enter into the United States, and then a limited amount of time after entry to get married. Upon marriage, the foreign national spouse then submits an adjustment of status package to the USCIS, to get a green card.

How Can Attorney Representation Help With My Case?

Over over 25 years, I have represented and counseled numerous clients throughout the United States and internationally on the fiance visa and spousal green card processes. While the USCIS and consulates permit you to represent yourself and prepare and file your papers, it is my firm belief that an attorney in the process can be a great resource to a couple seeking to build a new life together, without undue stress in navigating the complex United States immigration processes.

The fiance visa or marriage green card process can be complicated, as the USCIS has strict eligibility and documentary requirements for the process to prevent fraud arising from “bad faith” marriages, and to prevent issuance of visas and green cards in situations where the Petitioner is not financially able to support a new spouse. Furthermore, the fiance visa or marriage green card process incorporates not only the USCIS petition process, but also in some cases the consulate visa application process. Thus, having the assistance of a qualified attorney for US K-1 fiance visa services can greatly aid the success of the petition process, and provide “peace of mind” for a couple.

Furthermore, an attorney can assist in making sure you are aware of all options for marrying your fiance, such as the benefits and drawbacks of marrying abroad and then filing a spousal immigration petition for your new spouse, or securing a fiance visa instead of a marriage green card. Each option carries special considerations, and I can help provide you with the legal and practical information necessary to make an informed choice about which process you wish to pursue. I am frequently asked “which option is best for me and my situation”. The correct answer is that every situation is different, and a fiance visa option that may be perfect for couple A, may not be the best option for couple B. I can assist you in making sure you are able to make an informed decision about which immigration process is right for you.

To set up an initial consultation to discuss any questions you have about your fiancé visa or marriage based green card situation or intentions or our US K-1 Fiance Visa Services, please e-mail us today and attorney Richard Ruth will be happy to speak to you!